Accounting computer code for distribution business is additionally suggested as a result of apart from the observance of the stocks, businesses ought to additionally listen to their accounting department as this may offer an additional correct detail concerning the transactions that are being performed within the corporate. Therefore, each computer code are required for a sure-fire business distribution management.

Distribution models

The manner during which merchandise move from the manufacturer to the outlet wherever the patron purchases them; in some marketplaces, it is a terribly complicated channel, together with distributors, wholesaler, jobbers and brokers.

When deciding a way to distribute your product, use the standard distribution model as a start line.

The traditional distribution model has 3 levels:

  • The producer
    The producer
  • The jobber
    The jobber
  • The retail merchant
    The retail merchant

Benefits of Distribution and Sales System DSS

Distribution is not an easy task. The company have to put some extra effort and tie is this system. To make this system good and efficient for customers a company should work harder. When this system starts running for the customers then distribution and sales system starts proving many benefits to the company.
  • Less cost
    Less cost
    Cost-effective: no need to hire more staff.
  • Time management
    Time management
    Time-saving: easier company schedules management.
  • User friendly interface
    User friendly interface
    User-friendly: convenient interface for clients.
  • Fast money transition
    Fast money transition
    Fast money transition: 100% safe transactions.
  • Efficiency
    Efficiency: highly responsive to client issues.

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Distribution and Sales Management System keeps your business ahead of the curve

During the last couple of years, the importance of distribution management software has grown considerably, considering the fact that more and more companies make their operations easier and more efficient via IT support.

Sales and distribution software

With this in mind, more and more companies have gone off and purchased software for distributors, alongside with distribution accounting software. To put things better into perspective, a traditional distribution channel includes producers, distributors, wholesalers, jobbers, and brokers. A distribution and sales management system facilitates the efficient cooperation, providing enormous benefits for companies.

Nowadays managers tend to keep a close eye on their accounting departments since the information coming from there can be essential to running a well-thought and successful business. However, distribution management software is still essential to make sure that all the wheels click together, hence creating a machine that can run itself with ease requires at least intervention from a company’s team.


Based on this, the main advantages of the IBX Technologies sales and distribution management system include a lower cost, better time management, improved efficiency, a faster money transition as well as a user-friendly interface which makes the software easier to use.

By teaming up with IBX Technologies and their distribution management system, businesses throughout the country will find better ways of running their business and reducing costs, along with increasing their overall efficiency.

Pricing and support

The prices are compatible taking into account the features offered. And installation shouldn’t be a problem either. Moreover, our service specialists can answer all your questions, thus making the procedure of switching to the IBX Technologies system much easier for all businesses, regardless of their operating niche. Practically all companies can go without a distribution and sales system.

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