Best ERP software at your disposal

IBX offers customization of the ERP software for small business as well as for big corporations at affordable prices. We’ll find an effective ERP system for your business regardless of its size. So the ERP software can be either basic or more sophisticated depending on your needs.

The system, as a rule, consists of several modules that are individually purchased. These modules cover every aspect of your business. Keep your finance, manufacturing, human resources, and distribution issues tracked.

The ERP implementation cost varies widely depending on the modules’ number. But nowadays the system implementation has become more affordable. The best ERP software should meet specific requirements and technical capabilities of the company.

Pros of ERP system implementation

  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Performance Analysis
  • Integrated Information
  • Data Protection
  • Customer Service
Stay ahead of the game with project management and
ERP implementation

Whether your business small or big, you can use the advantages of our ERP systems.
ERP will streamline your business process by:

  • defining the business processes
  • securing your crucial data through a protected access
  • planning your workload taking into account the existing and forecast orders
  • analyzing the trade activities
  • unified reporting
  • systematizing the business processes
  • providing the tools to enhance customer care service

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