• The Old way of visitor management System

    In old days, if anyone entered an organization or company. He have to sign a paper. On that paper there are two field available, the one is for arrival and the other is for leave time. So this is the way people use to manage their visitors but it is a very time consuming process and very lengthy. For example if an employee want find a visitor for the paper, he have to check all name written on the paper one by one.

  • The Work of modern Visitor management System

    In modern time visitor management system works totally different rather than the old management system. The visitor have to sign in to a device. With this facility he did not need to sign a paper to put his record. When he sign in to the device while entering the building of an organization. His data is automatically saved to the database of the company. So the company can easily look at the record of the visitor by using any device that is connected with the database of the organization.

Components of the Visitor management system

  •  The visitor management system software
    The visitor management system software
    Visitor management system grants entry via badge.
  • The visitor badge printer
    The visitor badge printer
    The visitor badge printer is synced with the computer.
  • The card scanner
    The card scanner
    Card scanner scans the visitor ID to get data.
  • Camera
    Camera takes a photo of a visitor for the badge.
  • Barcode scanner
    Barcode scanner
    Barcode scanner scans the badge to get the data.

Benefits of the Visitor management system

  • Fast & Simple
    In the time of technology where the people have less time for their working life therefore the visitor management system become very important and effective.

    This system help a company to easily manage their records.

    This process is also very less time consuming and has many benefits.

    A company or organization can easily find a record related to their customer or visitor.

    The visitor are provided with the badges.

    These kind of badges are easily to print out and modify.

No one will be unnoticed with our office visitor management systems

A visitor management system is essential for any company as it allows managers to find out the what attracts prospective customers. The system provides much better data analysis on current purchase trends.

However, not many companies adopt such systems though they are quite important and bring enormous benefits. Not a long time ago people had to sign their name on paper, once they entered a business building and once they left it. This process was both time-consuming and inefficient. But modern office visitor management systems are much more advanced than the paper visitor management system of those times. They are gaining more and more popularity due to their effectiveness and user-friendly application.

Today’s visitor management systems

Today most systems work by signing into a device that transfers the data directly to the company’s database. The company can monitor the people that visit the building. Keep your employees and business safe with our office visitor management system.

The IBX Technologies program

IBX Technologies offers a leading visitor management system software. The system consists of the system software itself, a visitor badge printer, a card scanner, a camera and a barcode scanner. The benefits of visitor management system simplify the usage and make it more efficient. The software keeps the precise track of the people in the building, allowing the company to find records related to particular customers, while also increasing security inside the building.

The visitor management system price is quite affordable. The system offers remarkable features making it a must-have for businesses throughout the world. The installation is a walk in the park; you can do it within a few minutes. And a few words about customer support, you can apply for qualified support twenty-four-seven.

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