Why having a website is vital for your business?

  • Credibility

    Website is powerful tool to gain trust of your customers and make a great first impression.

  • Accessibility

    You website is open 24/7 for customers to see and study what kind of goods or services you provide.

  • Advertising

    Having a personal website allows you to reach more people even outside your city or country.

  • Wider Audience

    Having a personal website allows you to reach more people even outside your city or country.

  • Customer Service

    Your customers can leave feedback and rate your work

  • Necessity

    Come on! It’s 21st century, even the slowest snail has a website today.

Develop easily with IBX Technologies:
  • Work with a Team
    Work with a Team
    We offer you a team of qualified web and mobile developers managed by responsible Team Leaders.
  • Supervise the project
    Supervise the project
    You will be able to see the status of every task and how many hours of work developers spent on it.
  • Save Time and Money
    Save Time and Money
    Hiring an outsourcing Development Team is much more cost and time effective.
  • Receive High-Quality Product
    Receive High-Quality Product
    Every our project is thoroughly checked by our Quality Assurance Team.
  • 24/7 IT Support
    24/7 IT Support
    You will be able to entrust your application or website to us.


About IBX Technologies

IBX Technologies is a young and successfully growing development company located in Pakistan.

Our team of highly qualified experts operates their knowledge and working experience to provide you the most thought-through solutions. Developers of IBX Technologies work with Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile and iOS systems.

Whatever you need an engaging business card website, a new mobile app for your product, or just a fast and innovative data storage managing system – IBX Technologies is the one you need!

What services do we offer?

We provide a broad range of desktop and mobile IT solutions:
  • Mobile Application Development

    – out most qualified mobile developers will work on creating the perfect app for your business.

    We look back onto the latest trends in UI design and make the most out of user experience.

  • IFS Financial Accounting

    – we not only customize ERP but also provide user training services and 24/7 tech support.

  • Visitor Management System

    – we implement the new modern way of tracking people that enter and exit your office buildings.

    Let IBX Technologies keep your data and documents safe!

  • Travel Management System

    – is a system that will optimize your way of traveling.

    Credit cards, maps, cheap hotels: find information much easier with IBX Technologies.

  • Distribution and Sales

    – is designed to help you manage incomes and improve your business.


Why choose IBX Technologies?

By becoming a client of IBX Technologies, you will receive a skilled team of Front and Back end developers to work on your product from scratch.

Horeover, you will be able to keep control over tasks and see how they progress.

IBX Technologies always manages time and provides the best quality products!

We assure you, that our Project Managers diligently monitor deadlines, while Quality Assurance Team carefully checks every piece of code, every website or app function.

No bug will ever get past them!

Develop with IBX Technologies!

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